Lancoona Jojoba - 100% Pure Australian Jojoba Oil - 130ml

Lancoona Jojoba

Lancoona Jojoba - 100% Pure Australian Jojoba Oil - 130ml

100% Pure Australian Jojoba, direct from our farm to you.

Beautifully packaged in a frosted glass bottle with dropper for ease of application. 

Your one-stop skin care routine, no additives, no nasties, just pure cold pressed Jojoba, nature's own secret to vibrant youthful skin. Use daily for day/night moisture, add a few drops to your conditioner to keep your hair healthy and help prevent dry ends, gentle enough to take your eye makeup off, smooth Jojoba onto your face before a shower and cleanse with water, your skin will feel hydrated like never before! Use after shower to rehydrate dry areas such as feet, elbows and legs, use as a shaving prepper for a super silky shave, or just enjoy the relaxing feel of a Jojoba massage with no messy oily residue.

Why Jojoba????   

The properties of Jojoba are very similar to that of our own skin sebum (the moisture protector in our skin) As Jojoba is applied to the skin, the skin will recognise it as it's own and be readily absorbed deep into the lower layers of skin where we need to retain moisture. Don't be frightened by the word 'oil', as Jojoba is actually a liquid wax, simply referred to as oil because it is liquid. Jojoba contains natural antibacterial properties and is naturally SPF 4.