About Us

Lancoona Jojoba is a family owned and operated plantation in Far Western NSW near the township of Hillston. Nigel, Ruth, Emma, Angus, Hugh and Tilly Helps farm this pure 100% Australian product and are very proud to be able to bring to the public our product direct from the farm. Lancoona Jojoba is sustainable agriculture at its best. Lancoona Jojoba requires no artificial irrigating, relying solely on our natural rainfall. Lancoona Jojoba is not sprayed with any chemical. We transport the Jojoba beans for cold pressing and returned direct to the farm in liquid form. No additives, no alteration, just pure Australian cold pressed Jojoba.

For more information about Lancoona Jojoba please contact us:

Nigel and Ruth Helps

"Lancoona" Hillston NSW 2675 or phone Ruth on 0427 671108